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when summer feels like a distant memory, artsnug invites everyone to soak up the sun, colours and flavours of two of the most exciting countries in the world, india and sri lanka, in a photography exhibition “indian summer”. the exhibition launches on 24th october at hackney’s stage 3 (hackney empire, 291 mare street, london, e8 1ej).

the photography exhibition forms a part of a month-long indian and sri lankan food and culture extravaganza “indian summer”, organized by hackney’s stage 3. the exhibition will feature work by two east london based photographers matthew broughton and timothy hill. 



som Giri - Gangotri, Uttarakhand - .jpg

matthew broughton is a photographer and owner of a coffee shop curio cabal in haggerston. he has been fascinated with india since his first trip to rajasthan at the age of 17. his first experience of india was limited to only one of the country’s 29 states, however the colours, smells and sounds stuck with him, drawing him back for a second taste. on display is a selection of images matthew captured during his four-month long trip to india stretching from the tropical south all the way through to the glacial heights of the himalaya’s. though bound by no strict theme, they all celebrate the diversity of the vast and fascinating country.

timothy hill is a professional fashion photographer. on display is a series of images timothy has taken over past couple of years while travelling across sri lanka, from columbo in the south up to the northern most peninsula, round the east and west coasts and the central hill country. in fashion photography timothy works to a specific brief, carefully planning each frame. while travelling across sri lanka he had to forgo working to a plan or a pre-conceived idea of what he was going to shoot. instead he had to embrace the opportunity when it came along. these images depict people and scenes that timothy felt were destined to be in frames and they do exist because of his love of photography.



matthew broughton

timothy hill