We can’t decide if it’s Louise’s passion or her talent that inspires us the most. We appreciate the weight of her powerful messages just as much as the dedication she shows to the causes that mean so much to her. Art that makes you stop . think . take action.

Please tell us a bit about yourself, and the journey you took to become an artist.

I have always loved drawing and painting, ever since I could hold a pen. I also have a deep connection with animals. The two loves combined very early on and I have been painting animals ever since. I have always felt it was why I was here.

It wasn’t a straight forward path to making it into a career, but it has been one for the last 6 years - since I left Art College. I graduated in 2012 from the University of Greenwich with a Fine Art Degree and have been showing with galleries ever since.


What helped you to get to where you are today? Are there any people, events, or experiences that encouraged you or influenced you to do what it is that you do?

Its hard to put my fingers on one thing as you network and meet so many people in the art world, and one thing can lead onto another and another. I think the catalyst was joining Degreeart gallery and selling enough work to make a living. That was encouraging!


What was the first piece of art that moved you? What was it about it that grabbed you?

When I was 8 there was an artist with a big portfolio case of canvases selling his work door to door in my street. When he got to our door it was dinner time. My parents offered him dinner in exchange for showing me his portfolio, as I was very into art early on. Neither of my parents were artists, so I didn’t get to go to any galleries or museums of art. They were honest and said that they couldn’t afford to buy any of his work but he seemed happy with the arrangement. He showed me what I remember to be oil paintings of sunsets and dreamscapes, and I thought they were beautiful. They must have moved me as that was the day I decided I wanted to be an artist, and that it was a 'real' job!


Where do you get your inspiration from? Any tips for fellow artists who are having a bit of a dry spell?

Nature, it’s endlessly inspiring. I’ve never thought “Oh I’m bored of painting animals now, what else shall I paint?”

Oh I hate questions about dry spells – I don’t get them. I have the opposite problem of too many ideas! But I think getting out of your studio for an inspiration day could help. Head to a big city gallery, museum – places of beauty.


Where do you work best from? Do you have any habits, or a routine, that help you harness your creativity?

Well I have a studio in my garden where I mostly work from now. I don’t have a routine, I flit from emails/admin, to painting, to couriering artwork – I wish I could just sit and paint all day. I need an assistant ...


What is your current favourite piece in your own body of work? Why does it hold a special place in your heart?

I've just done a large painting of a white tiger called 'Legend'. It took a long time as it was a labour of love, I have always been drawn to white tigers. There something very powerful yet spiritual about them. It sold in a few hours as well, which is also a nice feeling that someone instantly fell in love with it.


"Legend” - Louise McNaught

"Legend” - Louise McNaught