ArtSnug: building a sustainable art business after winning Startup Weekend Art

As part of our interview series with art start-up founders, we spoke with Elina Gough from ArtSnug, a company making art more accessible to more people. Elina Gough was the winner of Startup Weekend Art we organised last year. The new edition of the art hackathon, Art Challenge will be held on 22/23 January at Central Working Whitechapel.

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India // Sri Lanka at Stage 3 Hackney

Imagine walking down an old, dusty road in the sunshine. Warmth surrounding you, locals wishing you good morning and sheer colour everywhere you look. That's what ArtSnug's newest exhibition gives you; a chance to walk through the streets of Sri Lanka and India through a series of perfectly shot images.

This weeks Master of Many...Elina who is turning the traditional art world on it's head..

I used to work with Elina when we were both at a media agency called Mindshare, desperately trying to find our way through the strategic fun of planning communications for all of the Nestle brands, and trying to find some semblance of creativity in our day to day.