artist's bio

in her work, rose electra harris tries to explore and develop the dialogue that exists in space - especially domestic space - between the objects and furnishings that occupy it. she uses drawing to negotiate the physical spaces of the home – from the domestic and familiar to uncanny, un-occupied – and the various objects contained within them. 

exploring the notion of the room as an oasis, rose tries to create ambiguous and dysfunctional journeys for the viewer, going nowhere and everywhere, engaging the visual imagination.
rose grew up with a father as an antique dealer and a mother as an interior decorator. this attention to the home had a subtle but concrete impact on the direction rose’s work started to take during her time at art school; the menial bare essentials of the home, to the embellished, decorative furnishings we identify ourselves by. 
the many places rose has travelled, such as india and morocco, inspire and inform the patterns and colours she employs in my images. using decorative collaged fragments she enjoys elaborating simple line drawings, transforming them into richly coloured and illustrious interiors and objects. 

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