andrew j millar "drift beyond the edge" original

Drift Beyond the Edge.JPG
Drift Beyond the Edge.JPG

andrew j millar "drift beyond the edge" original


1/1 original polaroid collage

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about the artist

andrew j millar uses instant film to achieve effects by manipulating the emulsion during the developing process, separating the image emulsion from the film base, double exposing the film, overlaying the transparencies or by varying the temperature and the developing time.

this technique enhances the surreal, dreamlike mood of the image and inspires us to question what is real.

about the artwork

“drift beyond the edge” is an original 1/1 polaroid collage consisting of 6 individual polaroids. it is hand finished in gold leaf and spray paint. the artwork comes professionally framed in a box frame


the artwork can be collected free of charge from our walthamstow showroom, for a delivery quote contact