artist's bio

syrett has a background in the fashion industry, as a textile designer and fashion stylist. as a designer he has worked for some of the largest fashion brands in the us, london and paris. his work as a fashion stylist led to him working within the music industry, styling international artists for film, tv and videos. his work as a designer and stylist has been published in over 200 international and national publications.

syrett started painting about 10 years ago, working in a urban style. he gained acclaim for his "death of victoriana", a series of stencilled skulls on antique plates, and also his "graffiti butterflies" which he exhibited in a group show with blek le rat, d*face and swoon amongst others. during this time he exhibited in the london, new york, miami, paris, florence and was the first artist to exhibit at the International music summit in ibiza.

since then syrett has returned to his original love, fashion, for his influence. using his forecasting knowledge and high end fashion advertising as points of reference, he examines the high gloss, sexualisation and the superficial mystery of what is fashion and beauty. disseminating these aesthetics down to their bare minimum...... colour and balance. 

working primarily in nail varnish, he is the brand ambassador for true brit london nail polish, which he uses exclusively in all his works. syrett works in a similar way to jackson pollack creating simplistic yet complex colourscapes, which are highly stylised and glossy. syrett paints 2 collections per year like the fashion industry, spring/summer and autumn/winter. 

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