the ones that nearly got away

in the 60s, andrew lloyd webber saw a painting he loved in a shop window. it was a pre-rafaelite piece by lord Leighton called flaming june. at the time he did not have the £60 to buy it - and his grandmother refused to help him as she regarded the picture as being kitsch. it is now in the ponce museum of art in puerto rico, and is not for sale even though webber has offered £6 million for it. it is safe to say, that this is the one that got away.

we may not be able to help Sir Webber’s with his quest, but we could help you avoid having a Flaming June of your own.

so as not to have to experience a similar feat, we have put together a unique selection entitled “the ones that nearly got away”, which features artist's proofs, original prints, and the last of some of our most popular numbered editions.

we thought a little heads up before some sell out would be nice.




last chance  |  Linda bernhard

last chance  |  Jayson lilley

last chance  |  louise mcnaught

last chance  |  olivier marc thomas leger

last chance  |  Sabrina kaici

last chance  |  andrew j millar

last chance  |  not now nancy

last chance  |  Sylvia moritz

last chance  |  Hannah adamaszek

last chance  |  Lauren mortimer