artist's bio

woof models was born from sum's love of her 10 year old corgi. whilst she was working overseas at wieden + kennedy, many of her colleagues brought their dogs to work with them. which made her really miss her pet. to the artist she’s more than just a pet, she’s a member of the family. and so she decided that she should have her own portrait. but knowing how much of a diva she was, sum thought if she’s going to pose for a portrait then she’d want to look her best. and as she loves going to the beach, sum could imagine her walking along the shore with a summer top and a silk headscarf looking fabulous. looking like a woof model.

woof model's work is all about dogs being a part of a family, the thought of dogs without a home, without a family to call their own, breaks sum's heart. dogs are the most forgiving pet you can have; they'll love you unconditionally. they don't care what you do, what you look like, they just want to be loved.

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