artist's bio

Lee’s contemporary abstract landscapes are colourful, textured and full of life. They’re inspired by his every day, normal life! Things you and I wouldn’t notice... Lee draws inspiration from. Countryside strolls, posters, textiles, sunsets, transport, the list goes on.

He captures snippets of colour and memorises details from fleeting scenes.  He uses spray paints, markers and acrylics to create layers of textured backdrops. Bold layers are manipulated to reveal hidden chinks of buried colour.  Each painting evolves in a free-flowing, spontaneous process, with every mark influencing the next. His paintings could literally go in any direction.  Pallet knives, trowels and scrapers are his main tools… brushes are banned!  They allow for a really loose and energetic application and he is continuing to push contemporary boundaries.  Layer upon layer upon layer… are built up creating the abstracted and expressional more than representational.  Splashes of neon spray and blobs of pastel shades create Lee’s unique, signature style.  Thick, impasto texture pops from the surface casting shadows and intrigue.  Finishing each original painting with a varnish glaze seemingly highlights Lee’s love, exploration and explosion of colour!

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