artist's bio

linda bernhard's work is inspired by her everyday experiences, observations and surrounding environments. she is interested in places, objects, creatures, journeys, memories and stories, rural landscapes and urban spaces. her collages draw on innumerable sources of things she's seen, read, or heard; becoming abstract representations of her own experiences. they express a love of colour, a sense of humour, and play with the boundary between abstract and representational.

process is paramount to her. by combining photographs and found imagery, she creates new images based on personal experiences. using a scalpel she remove elements that she consider insignificant and irrelevant; before layering the images to create environments that correspond with her everyday observations. she is originally from switzerland, but has been living in england since july 2001.

select exhibitions include flux at free range, london; other worlds, a solo show at st.paul’s centre, worthing; cityscapes at the birley centre in eastbourne; studio work at worthing museum & art gallery, bp open source collage & texture at tate britain, london and more recently jungkunst in winterthur, switzerland. 

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