love without boundaries

with the festive season just around the corner, treat yourself or your loved ones to some affordable artwork. 

at Artsnug, we are all about helping great art find you. not only that, but we are all about finding affordable art for you to fall for. 

now, what is affordable, really depends on each one of us. someone was able to afford a $90 million david hockney a few weeks back (not listed on our website unfortunately). as we are all different, and all fall in love with different things, we have put together a collection of prints for under £50, under £100 and over £100.

follow your heart, without thinking of your bank account.


Prints from £12 to £50

alexandra gallagher

bailey schmidt

bella vernon

carne griffiths

cassandra yap

chris andrews

chris keegan

helen lang

hooksmith press

james brown

jenni allen

little lynch designs

rennie pilgrem

sabrina kaici

stork to swan

tiff howick

woof models

COLLECTION  |  gifts for friends and family alike

Prints from £51 to £100

alexandra gallagher


william bright

elina ruka

josie molloy

lene bladjberg

roy’s people

mike stimpson

lauren mortimer

lu west

john gough

sabrina kaici

helen bridges

rennie pilgrem

olivier marc thomas leger

barry bulsara

clare halifax

COLLECTION  |  special treats for special peeps

Prints over £100

olly howe

jana Nicole

Alice serafino

rosie emerson

elina ruka

not now Nancy

carne griffiths

cassandra yap

linda Bernhard

clare halifax